FCC Free Radio Update

I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be over the airwaves this Sunday on FFR. After seeing some of the most sexist and objectifying stuff I’ve seen in a while on their site here (http://www.fccfreeradio.com/?page_id=795), and exchanging a few thoughts with station owner John Miller, I can’t support this station. FFR is holding a Girls of the FFR contest (complete with wet t-shirt contest and highly offensive web images). Asa fellow female comic so eloquently stated in a comment that Mr. Miller has yet to approve to be published to his message board at the site:

This has nothing to do with FCC’s programming, it’s just a cheap way for you to get some more clicks on your website. The quality content is there, let FCC’s great programming speak for itself.

I can only hope that Mr. Miller elects to publish this comment in full at some point. He also chose not to publish my comments regarding his contest, but didn’t mind posting his reply publicly. Mr. Miller asserts that since the women who work at FFR chose not to speak up about the contest being sexist in any way, or its lack of relevance to the station in general, that its perfectly okay to conduct his station in a  way that alienates, objectifies, exploits, and degrades it’s female demographic:

Well if you know us who are you? I am not doing anything that the women that are at FFR are all right with this….

So give your name

John Miller
Owner/General Manager

Community radio is a place that should support everyone that supports it, not just the male demographic. The saddest bit of this for me is that station in particular has become a wonderful network and avenue for exposure for the SF comedy community. In such a community where female comedians already face a great deal of sexism, a radio station like FFR could and should be helping do its part to reverse those tides and use it’s power of the airwaves to create an equal space. John Miller prefers, however, to take his radio station back to the ideals of 1950.

Please by all means feel free to let him know how you feel about his Girls of the FFR contest and sexist approach to radio. He likely won’t publish your comments, but he may (one would hope) begin to reconsider the way he runs his station if enough of the community tells him what they want.

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